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The CO2NS/WEBSITE is an Innovative Product by Green Evolution SA. Using this Product, CO2 Neutral Seal monitors and continuously measures the emissions associated with

- Website Visitors

- Servers Hosting the Website

- Networks that connect them

showing data on Website emissions and offering to clients enhanced tools (like Pop-Up demostration of Carbon Footprint).

To this end, an advanced calculation methodology is employed, developed by Green Evolution SA that uses traffic data from Google Analytics and utilizes advanced calculations algorithms, estimating the Websites’ carbon footprint for a period of time (Per Day).

The CO2NS/WEBSITE Product is offered in two versions :

The selection of each of this Package is based on each Website Traffic (Pages or Visits / month), starting with a FREE Monitoring Period of minimum 30 days! Afterwards, and based on the Traffic estimation, a package is proposed to the client, following the Official Package vs Price Policy of CO2NS/WEBSITE Product.

For specific Packages, there is a possibility for CO2NS/WEBSITE Clients to have the Previlage to Login in the CO2NS REGISTRY (, and to have additional services related with their Websites Carbon Footprint and Neutrality.