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Any kind of event, big or small, local or international always produces greenhouse gases – the carbon emissions. These emissions enhance the greenhouse effect and contribute furthering climate change and global warming causing a negative impact on the environment.


Make your event carbon neutral

Green Evolution, via CO2NS EVENT can help your event lower its carbon footprint. We can help you measure, reduce and offset emissions at any kind of event, making these events as sustainable as possible, climate friendly, green or carbon neutral. In this way real measures are taken to protect the climate and the environment from the-impacting emissions produced by your event:

* Scientific/Business Conferences
* Symposia/forums
* Seminars/workshops
* Meetings
* Product presentations/promotions
* Trade fairs/exhibitions
* General assemblies
* Concerts/festivals
* Receptions/parties/galas
* Inaugurations
* Other events

Let Green Evolution help you and your business:

* meet its climate & environmental goals
* become climate & environmentally responsible
* join the socially responsible group of companies
* enter the era of sustainable development

Green Evolution provides you, with the CO2NS EVENT product, two options to assist you to reduce or offset your carbon footprint, to reduce or to offset the event’s impact on climate change and on the environment :

Basic Method – Use Green Evolution Carbon Footprint Calculator

Check the carbon footprint of your emissions though the online calculator. Using this approach, the calculation will provide an estimate of your real footprint for the event. In the next step, you can neutralize – offset your footprint by purchasing the equivalent amount of carbon credits through Green Evolution Carbon Credits e-shop. You get the Event Carbon Footprint Report based on your data and the CO2NS OFFSET Product


Advanced Method – Ask for Green Evolution’s services

Let Green Evolution assist you via the CO2NS EVENTS Product and have your event carbon emissions measured and calculated with accuracy during your event execution.

You get a full Greenhouse Management Report based on the methodologies such as GHG Protocol and ISO 14040, including :

  • the set boundary
  • the emission sources
  • the quantity of the associated greenhouse gases (your carbon footprint) and the proposed abatement measures,
  • CO2NS EVENTS certification, covering the calculated greenhouse gases and reference to the protocol followed, the carbon credits used, the offsetting procedure and the carbon neutrality achieved.

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Certificate Sample:

A sample certificate for a CO2NS EVENT: