CO2NS Offset

Do you search for a transparent offset procedure? Would you like to have the ability to select your own the type and the location of the project from which you will offset your emissions?
Is it better to have a full certification report with all the retirement info inside concerning your offset?
To these demands, CO2NS OFFSET gives the answer.


CO2NS OFFSET is the Product that assures that the costumer will get what he ask for! This product certifies the offsetting procedure of emissions as reported by the client and provided by Green Evolution.  It ensures and certifies that the requested credits the client needs to (asks for, to) offset his/hers carbon emissions, originate from well defined projects, and bear provable characteristics (additionality, sustainability, verifiability and permanence) and that the transparency of the offsetting procedure ensures timing and double counting avoidance of the purchased carbon credits.

Certificate Sample:

Example Certification for CO2NS OFFSET can be seen below.