CO2NS Business

Climate-neutral means a service, a product, a business and a lifestyle that have no negative impact on the climate. CO2NS BUSINESS Product combines the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions with corporate sustainability, corporate social responsibility and energy efficiency, helping to make reliality the green culture to corporate world .


The benefits for businesses of all sizes:

  • Improved corporate reputation
  • High leadership profile
  • Support the corporate social responsibility (CSR) program
  • Reinforce revenue growth and increase market share
  • Generate a cost effective tool for achieving environmental and energy efficiency targets
  • Support voluntary initiatives via carbon credits purchasing

Green Evolution provides you, with the CO2NS BUSINESS Product, two options in order to assist you to reduce or offset your carbon footprint and reduce or offset the impact your business has on climate change and on the environment :

Basic Method – Use Green Evolution Carbon Footprint Calculator

Find the carbon footprint of your emissions though our online calculator. Using this approach, the calculation will give as an output an estimation of your real footprint for your Business. In the next step, you can neutralize – offset them by purchasing the equivalent amount of carbon credits by Green Evolution Carbon Credits e-shop. You get the Event Carbon Footprint Report based on your data and the CO2NS OFFSET Product


Advanced Method – Ask for Green Evolution’s services

Let Green Evolution assist you via the CO2NS BUSINESS Product to have your business carbon emissions measured and calculated with accuracy during a business operation.

You get a full Greenhouse Management Report based on the methodology of the GHG Protocol and ISO 14040, including :

  • the set boundary
  • the emission sources
  • the quantity of the associated greenhouse gases (carbon footprint) and the proposed abatement measures,
  • CO2NS BUSINESS certification, covering the calculated greenhouse gases and the reference to the protocol followed, the carbon credits used, the offsetting procedure and the carbon neutrality achieved.

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Example certificate:

Sample certification for CO2NS BUSINESS: